Faculty of Mass Communication

Faculty of Mass Communication

We offer a modern curriculum with intensive integration of content, design, and technology. Students have opportunity to learn and practice with lecturers and country's real experts in the field. We aim to develop graduates fully equipped with skills, ethical responsibility and creativity so that they can make beneficial contribution to society.

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Journal of Mass Communication

Journal of Mass Communication is a scholarly journal published by the Faculty of Mass Communication, Chiang Mai University.
We work towards clear objectives to deliver scholarly researches/works conducted by scholars and graduate students of mass communication and relevant fields and to encourage and promote scholarly researches,
together with developing knowledge of communication in different scholarly disciplines.

Journal of Mass Communication publishes scholarly articles, researches, review articles both in Thai and English. The scope
encompasses a range of scholarly disciplines: mass communication, journalism, communication arts, and relevant fields.

Journal of Mass Communication is launched 2 times a year (January to June and July to December).

Tel. +66 5394 2703 #195
Website: https://www.masscomm.cmu.ac.th

Communication Innovation Center (CIC)

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Voice of Mass Communication (FM100)

Voice of Mass Communication (FM100)

  • City Radio

On Air : FM100 MHz.
On Line : http://www.fm100cmu.com

On Air : +66 5394 2711-2
Office : +66 5394 2710

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