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清迈大学在“智慧城市,清洁能源(CMU Smart City - Clean Energy)”的号召下,团结地方人民智慧,打造一个全新的教育教学新世界,推动学术、艺术、创新发展,依托得天独厚的自然环境优势,借助信息通讯技术和全方位的线上服务,打造自然与科技相结合的校园环境,实现名副其实的“自然环境孕育地方智慧(CMU:Where Nature Nutures Beautiful Intelligence)”。

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Sport Section

The responsibilities of Sports Section include
1. Providing sport grounds and facilities to encourage CMU students and staff to involve more with sport and physical activities according with “Healthy University” policy
2. Giving advices and supporting the student leaders to create the health promoting events in the university.
3. Promoting the sports excellence among CMU students

Scholarship and wellbeing support

Scholarship and wellbeing support is responsible in four main areas which are;
1. Providing scholarships and emergency loans for undergraduate students as well as updating the CMU SD database system for scholarship management
2. Managing the Student Loan Fund, and updating the CMU SD database system to record all student’s volunteer activities for scholarship granting consideration
3. Being University Supporting Committee
Chiang Mai University is the first educational institute that has established this particular section. The main roles are to promote, encourage and support all university missions, and more importantly, to gather funds and scholarship for students who need financial supports

4 Supporting Wellbeing
Wellbeing Support is one of the university main strategies to promote healthy lives inside CMU. The activities include clean and safe food project, non-toxic fresh market, say No to Styrofoam Food Container Campaign, and new food center project. Moreover, there are also campaigns to prevent Dengue fever and any other contagious diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases. There is also an illness surveillance system. The medical services are provided for both Thai and foreign students.
The other forms of wellbeing support include waste management, “Say No to Plastic Bag” campaign and blood donation.

Disabled Student Support Section

Disabled student support is responsible for the following duties;
1. Providing opportunities to the students with disabilities to further education in tertiary level
2. Accommodating and assisting students with disabilities in learning by providing them the required facilities, media, technology, services, and other forms of assistance.
3. Improving the new knowledge management for special education, such as creating the particular sign language
4. Promoting employment opportunities for graduates with disabilities under the perspective of systematic guidance, equality , rationality and human dignity

Life Skills Development Section

Life Skills Development Section is responsible into 2 areas which are;
1 supervising, developing, and giving advices to the student leaders with the ultimate goal of making these groups of students to become the leaders of a better change and a good role model of CMU students
2 creating the environment that facilitate student leader’s learning by using extracurricular activities and prepare them to become the global citizens

Student Internationalization and Counseling Service Section

Student Internationalization and Counseling Service Section provides the following services;
1 giving counseling and providing psychological test for students both in person or via online service
2 providing job vacancy information for student both full-time and part-time jobs. Students can access such information via online service or in person.
3 enhancing international mindedness among CMU students through extracurricular activities which include selecting students to participate in various international conferences or exchange programs with different universities in other countries, and setting international environment for the students such as creating a Co-Working Space, providing cultural excursions, and any other activities of their interests

Student Ethic and Discipline Promoting Section

Student Ethic and Discipline Promoting Section is responsible for 2 main areas.
Firstly, promoting student ethic and morality by
- Organizing various activities to make student become a person with ethic and morality, at the same time, launching campaigns against any rules violations
- Awarding and recognizing students achievement in all levels
Secondly, penalizing any student with misbehavior and considering the punishment
- This will be conducted under the fair trial. The misbehaved student will be undergone the attitude and behavior adjustment process afterward.

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