Information Technology Services Center

The center of information technology services of the university that has been certified with international standards

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According to Chiang Mai University, becoming the official university on March 7, 2008, it is an opportunity to combine the two former organizations, namely the Office of Computer Services. Which has operated for more than 25 years and the information technology facility Which is an organization directed by the university since 2002, formally merged under the name "Information Technology Service Bureau" from July 5, 2008 onwards

Vision Is the center of information technology services of universities that have been certified to international standards

- Provide IT infrastructure for network and communication connection With modern technology
- Develop database and information systems to increase the efficiency of management And to be in accordance with good governance
- Develop and promote the use of information technology to support learning in the 21st century by administering the principles of good governance

I: Innovative focuses on innovative and creative ideas for job development. And learning
T: Team-Driven Working as a team, helping each other, contributing to each other, working together and resolving problems in a systematic way And applying new technology to work S: Service-Oriented Pay attention to the service, taking into account the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders. (Stakeholders) are the main principles of good governance in work.
C: Continuous Improvement Quality improvement with continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of work and personnel.

5 Strategy for Information Technology Service Center
Strategy 1 Developing IT infrastructure (Digital Infrastructure)
Strategy 2 Supporting information technology for university administration (Digital Administration)
Strategy 3 Supporting the use of information technology for teaching and learning in the 21st century (Digital Learning)
Strategy 4 Development of information technology services And work processes According to international standards (Digital Security and Services Standard)
Strategy 5 Develop digital skills for learners And personnel of Chiang Mai University (Digital Learners & Digital Human Resource)