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Internal auditing in the government organizations began by the consent of the Cabinet on March 17,1976 which stipulates that all government organizations from the department level up, including all provinces to have an internal auditor directly attached to the chief of the organization or the governor of the province depending on the case. The office of the Civil Service Commission shall appoint the Internal Audit position as a permanent official of each organization of a department level that has a small workload, the position will be attached to the Office of Permanent Secretary. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for training the personnel. From 1985 ? the present, the university has had a total of 13 positions: 12 Internal Auditors and 1 Operations Worker.


Determination, creativity, development and service with quality


The mission of the Office of Internal Audit in Chiang Mai University is to be a service in the area of assurance and consulting activity to add value and improve an organization?s operations and the value of spending money. Not on that, but also in the reliability and accuracy of the financial reporting along with observing the related rules.


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