Planning Division, Office of the University, Chiang Mai University

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The Planning Division has the authority and responsibility regarding the university development plan. Strategic plan, budget plan, manpower plan and physical plan Monitoring and evaluation Strategic information preparation for university development planning and other tasks as assigned


1. Analysis suggested policy development.
2. Analysis and plan development of the virtues of this great university.
3. Analysis, segmentation and the formation of the new government.
4. Monitor the implementation of the development plan.
5. Spending plan and budget.
6. Assess the development of the University.
7. ICT master plan.
8. Monitoring and evaluation of projects assigned.


1. Mr. Bunrat Intaping Operational staff (Head of Strategic Plan)
2. Ms. Phichayaporn Tasing Operational staff
3. Ms.Nattawan Rakpaosuwan Operational staff
4. Ms.Thanaporn Kampangkaew Operational staff
5. Mr.Chaiyanon Sukanjanaporn Operational staff
6. Ms.Wilasinee Kraimak Operational staff
7. Ms.Jinnicha Norkaam Operational staff

Tel (+66)5394-3144,54


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