5G at CMU: A milestone in full implementation of 5G Smart Health

22 February 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

5G technology plays an important role in several aspects, including business, transportation, technology and medicine. Recognising the importance of this technology, the Faculty of Medicine at CMU, in response to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, has incorporated it into a healthcare provision, developing a model for 5G District under the 5G Smart Health Pilot Project and the Telemedicine Project to increase access to care. The result will be a telemedicine platform that connects Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital’s telemedicine system to regional hospitals, provincial hospitals and district hospitals in the upper northern region.

Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital is a super tertiary care hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at CMU. There are specialists in several fields, experienced staff and modern equipment, allowing for care and treatment provisions for people in the northern region and remote areas. To increase the capacity of care, 5G and AR technologies are combined to increase the efficiency of the ambulances, reduce travel costs to the hospital and minimise risks of COVID-19 infection. AR technology with Smart Ambulance and AR consulting glasses work together through the 5G network to provide consultation and treatment for patients being transported in the Smart Ambulance in real-time, thereby reducing deaths and complications that may occur during transportation. In addition, there is a web application that allows patients to consult their doctors without having to travel to the hospital. They only need to travel to their district hospital nearby or any other convenient location.

Through the telemedicine platform, the 5G system will be linked to the national public health system, allowing for seamless treatment and maximum benefits for the people. CMU is ready to develop technology and promote digital innovation that enhances the nation’s economic competitiveness, improves the quality of life and reduces the social gap, as well as foster digital knowledge and skills for CMU students and staff, allowing everyone to move forward sustainably.