Chiang Mai University Library received an award for Exellent and good presentations The 12th PULINET Online National Conference: PULINET 2021

14 January 2022

Chiang Mai University Library

        Chiang Mai University Library personnel Received one award for academic presentation in the category of outstanding lectures and one award at a good level (Group 2th Information Services) at the 12th PULINET National Conference (The 12th PULINET Online National Conference: PULINET 2021). Under the concept "New Generation Libraries: Toward House of Access" Maejo University Library, together with the Provincial University Library Network (PULINET) and on this occasion, Miss Wararak Pattanakiatpong, Director of the Library Was invited to join the discussion on "Open Library for Society under Digital disruption" held from 5 – 7 January 2022 via online Zoom and Facebook Live.

Awards received are as follows:

1. Presentation Award Excellent level, Lecture Category, Group 2nd, Information Services, consisting of Ms. Chompunuch Saravudecha, subject matter "the relationship between research publication costs" and obtaining references in Open Access Journals.

2. Presentation Award good level, lecture category, group 2nd, information services, Mr. Pratch Sanguansak and Ms. Chansa Seedang, subject matter "development a self online library resource lending system."

        Academic presentations at PULINET academic conferences, Chiang Mai University Library has been received awards continuously, and in 2022 8 academic performances have been selected to be presented in the lecture category, consisting of:

Presentations Lecture Category
Group 1st Information Management (IM)

1. Performance titled: "Enhancement and Efficiency of Information Resource Management by PDCA Cycle" by Ms. Sureewan Suppasing

Group 2nd Information Services (IS)

2. Performance titled: "Analysis of Information Literacy Teaching Services, Chiang Mai University Library consisting of Ms. Thanthiwa Phakdipattarakorn, Ms. Prakaidao Srimora, Ms. Surintra Larsakul, and Ms. Oranusa Chankaew.

3. Performance titled: "Enhancement of Interlibrary Loan Services on the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Platform Using the SIPOC Model by Ms. Surintra Lasakul and Ms. Ornusa Chankaew

4. Performance titled: "Developing the Rights of Management System for Academic Plagiarism Checking" consisting of Ms. Surintra Lasakul, Mr. Piyaboot Panyadee, Ms. Supawan Ajkla, Ms. Chansa Seedang, Ms. Thanthiwa Phakdeephatrarakorn, Ms. Yakannut Yensathit, and Ms. Ornusa Chankaew.

5. Performance titled: "Developing Communication through Digital Marketing Faculty of Pharmacy Library Chiang Mai University" by Ms. Orakanya Metha and Ms. Thitikamol Saenlee.

6. Performance titled: "the relationship between research publication costs and obtaining references in Open Access Journals" by Mrs. Chompunuch Saravudecha.

7. Performance titled: "development a self online library resource lending system." Consisting of Mr. Prach Sanguansak and Ms. Chansa Seedang.

Group 3rd Organizational Management (OM)

8. Performance titled: "Guidelines for preparing specific characteristics of materials or Term of reference (TOR) for Chiang Mai University Library by applying the Agile process by Ms. Khanittha Chaiphan and Ms. Rungsinee Khiaongam.

        The 12th PULINET Online National Conference: PULINET 2021 under the concept of "New Generation Libraries: Toward House of Access" is a national academic forum in library and information science. And libraries of higher education institutions The attendees. The meeting consisted of Library administrators of higher education institutions, librarians, information scientists, computer scholars, Higher Education Institution Library Personnel lecturers in Library and Information Science. More than 928 people have academic performances in library and information science from across the country selected to present 79 performances.