CMU has opened the Healthcare Centre and CMU Sports & Health Centre

1 August 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

From beautiful sceneries that are also suitable for exercise to new and improved sports facilities that meet the needs of students and staff to stay fit and healthy, CMU has always been active in promoting good health.


To keep everyone physically fit, CMU has built a new facility located close to the Main Stadium – the CMU Sports & Health Centre, that will help promote sports and good health. The three-storey, multi-purpose facility offers grounds for indoor sports and martial arts, and it can also serve as a training location for workshops for students and staff on exercises, health, nutrition and athletic development. There will also be shops selling food, beverages and sporting equipment, as well as meeting rooms.
In addition to the CMU Sports & Health Centre, the CMU Healthcare Centre is opened for service, offering medical care, dental care, physical therapy and occupational therapy for health promotion. There will also be a pharmacy, lecture rooms for health science students, and the CMU Student Union office. This service means that students and staff in the Suansak Campus will have the convenience of not having to travel to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital to seek treatment.

Exercise and health promotion will keep CMU students healthy, both physically and mentally.