CMU Lanna Traditional House Museum wins Museum Thailand Awards for 2 consecutive years

20 September 2021


CMU Lanna Traditional House Museum (CMULTHM) won the Museum Thailand Awards for the second consecutive year in the category of Society, Art, and Culture Museums, and three Outstanding Awards for Activities and Learning, Conservation and Perpetuation, and Health and Safety. The event was held on September 19, 2021, by The National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI).

NDMI, which is a part of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organization) under the Office of the Prime Minister, selected museums and learning sites in Thailand that were eligible for the Museum Thailand Awards 2021. The objective was to stimulate their development into learning sites of ‘high quality in terms of learning tourism’ and ‘international museum standards’ under the concept Reimage, Relearn, Reinvent amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Assist. Prof. Vilawan Svetsreni, Director of the CMU Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, stated that ‘the CMU Lanna Traditional House Museum has improved in terms of operation and management, as well as quality to make it a learning site of Lanna lifestyle and culture, achieving the goal of becoming a creative and sustainable society. Additionally, we have improved the service and made the bodies of knowledge within the museum accessible to the public, especially during the pandemic. The museum has shifted from providing knowledge onsite to online by utilising technology and digital media, such as the CMULTHM Virtual Museum and knowledge capture of Lanna traditional house conservation and lifestyle, which have been made accessible on the online platform. Moreover, CMULTHM recognises the importance of the visitors by following the SHA standards and Safe Travels, while also taking environmental responsibility. On behalf of CMULTHM, CMU Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, I would like to express gratitude to the honourable committee who has given us the Museum Thailand Awards 2021. It is our great pride and it will inspire us to move forward. On top of that, I would like to thank CMU and the CMU President for the encouragement and support in all aspects.’

Those who are interested in visiting the museum, joining training programmes, or hosting art and cultural activities at CMULTHM can contact (+66)53 943625-6 and follow news and updates on the Facebook Page: