Chiang Mai Medical Health Hub: Building a Society of Good Health through Medical Innovation

8 February 2024

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

         Established almost six decades ago, CMU is dedicated to addressing all dimensions of health on both local and national scales. Our team of experts specialize in strokes, coronary artery disease, transplants, traumas, and more.

        CMU has begun implementing Phase 13 of their Educational Development Plan (2023-2027) to promote personnel development and to expand knowledge. Their strategic goals align with the National Strategy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and cater to the needs of various stakeholders, including students, employers, communities, and international organizations. The core competency lies in integrating multidisciplinary expertise to achieve better health through medical innovation. They strive to provide comprehensive healthcare, promote equality, increase diversity, and decrease health disparities using digital innovations and AI for health.

         The implementation has resulted in remarkable achievements and contributions in treatment, health promotion, quality of healthcare service provision, and improved access to advanced services. CMU boasts a range of facilities such as the CMU Health Centre, Senior Wellness Centre, Geriatric Medical Centre, Centre for Medical Excellence, Geriatric Dental Centre, Prompt Health Centre, and Pet Wellness Centre, which began operation in early 2023. Moreover, there have been academic conferences organized to showcase medical innovation and health expos. Future operations will include the Medical Hub & Wellness Centre and Long-Term Geriatric Care Centre under the concept of the ‘Medicopolis Platform’ which aims to promote innovation for medicine, health, and geriatric care. These operations will drive the Chiang Mai Medical & Health Innovation District initiative, making the city a hub for health and wellness.

         Furthermore, the MEDCHIC Innovation Day is held to showcase medical innovations and evoke discussions on the topic, allowing interested parties to join conversations on various topics, including the following:

  1. Medical devices, such as: second generation electric vehicles for people with disabilities; ALIVE – a basic resuscitation kit; and other devices for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  2. Health technology, such as: the Panyadee+ application; Smile Migraine using sound therapy; and telemedicine.
  3. Natural products, such as: functional natural drinks.
  4. Suandok Medical Innovation District (SMID) aiming to become the region’s medical innovation hub.
  5. Development of a digital platform that combines out-patient and mobile care to increase efficiency.

        On top of that, 5G technology has been incorporated in telemedicine to improve the access to care in remote areas through communication technology and video conferencing, bypassing time and location limitations.

        In the near future, CMU has set its target in making Chiang Mai the Medical Health Hub, with its internationally-recognised quality of care and a readiness in all aspects. This is in line with the Royal Thai Government’s policy of making Chiang Mai a ‘Wellness City,’ in response to societal aging; as well as to improve the people’s quality of life and well-being and the province’s economy; while also boosting medical and wellness tourism, which is another key attraction of Chiang Mai.