17 January 2019

Faculty of Nursing

Prof DrSusanha Yimyam, Director of the Center of Excellence in Nursingwas recently awarded the Outstanding Nursing Award in Research and Innovation” from The Nurses’ Association of ThailandShe has become nationally and internationally recognized for her expertise in womens sexual health and breastfeedingIn addition, her creativity in developing uniqueteaching tools and methods for delivering interventions has made her well-recognized for her contributions to nursing research.

Her breastfeeding and sexual reproductive health work has focused primarily on vulnerable populationsShe has worked with workers from the informal work sector, migrant workers, underserved ethnic groups, as well as youth and teenagersShe studied and confirmed the efficacy of Thai herbal medicine to stimulate breastfeedingBased on her findings, she has partnered with a local business to create a breastfeeding herbal tea line based on traditional recipes to commercially manufacture these teas and the Plee Preme tea line has become very successful winning four awards in Thailand and sixawards internationally.

She has also received several awards for excellence in teaching in recognition for her innovative teaching tools.Some examples include an apparatus in which students can use to practice conducting vaginal exams and a specialized apron for teaching breastfeeding that integrates high-fidelity aspects such as producing simulated breastmilkTo better engage students she developed an interactive breastfeeding e-book for students in the Thai undergraduate program.


She has been a Principal Investigator (PIon 24 research projects and Co-Principal Investigator on an additional 30 research projectsCurrently she is the PI for two studies – one on Helping Nursing Professionals to provide Breastfeeding support to teen mothers and the other on developing an updated version of her breastfeeding e-book for international studentsThis version of the e-book will integrate multimediaAs a Co-PI, she is researching the sexual health of older people.


Research Awards

  •         2017    Outstanding Nursing Award in Research and Innovation, The Nurses’ Association of Thailand
  •         2011    Outstanding Research Award, Chiang Mai University Faculty of Nursing
  •         2010    Outstanding Alumni in Academia and Research, Mahidol University Graduate Alumni Association
  •         2002    Distinguished Researcher in Nursing Research Award, Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council