CMU Wins 2 Prestigious Awards at AIC Awards 2022 in Sustainable Agricultural Innovation

5 August 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

       As stated in the 13th phase of its Educational Development Plan, CMU strives to fulfill one of the most important missions — the promotion of academic and higher professional training, research and innovation, and academic services for society. Recently, lecturers from the CMU Faculty of Agriculture received honorary awards at the AgriTech and Innovation Centre (AIC) Awards 2022 that aimed to drive modern agriculture following the Thailand 4.0 economic model.

      The AIC Award 2022 focused on rewarding nation-leading agricultural innovation and services and the CMU Faculty of Agriculture won two awards in the Best Innovation category.

      The first runner-up in the category for Innovation for Agricultural Society was the project titled ‘Conservation and Utilization of High-Quality Native Rice to Provide Options for Farmers’ led by Associate Professor Dr. Chanakan Thebault Prom-u-thai, Director of the CMU Lanna Rice Research Centre.
The second runner-up in the category for Innovation for Economy was the project titled ‘Pollen Substitute for Apis Mellifera’ led by Dr. Bajaree Chuttong from the CMU Faculty of Agriculture and Centre for Excellence in Insect Farming. *The Apis Mellifera is commonly known as a honey bee.

      The CMU Lanna Rice Research Centre plays an important role in the conservation and utilization of ‘native rice as value addition for farmers,’ thanks to the expertise of the researchers in various fields that contribute to the development of high-quality rice products and the rise of incomes and well-being for local farmers.
The Centre for Excellence in Insect Farming gathers knowledge, research and innovation on insect farming from upstream to downstream. It also serves as a platform for exchanging opinions and educating farmers and interested individuals, as well as promoting quality improvement through capable personnel.

      Being able to produce beneficial innovations that respond to the needs of society and to make use of local products around us brings great pride to CMU. These prestigious awards are a testimony of CMU’s commitment to knowledge production as a whole, reflecting the university’s vision that says, ‘CMU A leading university committed to social responsibility and sustainable development.’