CMU drives Economic Development

16 July 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Chiang Mai University recognizes the importance of technological development as the key to industrial, economic and environmental progress, consistent with the main mission of the university in producing research results that create new knowledge and innovation that can be truly utilized in the development of local communities and the nation. This includes creating added value for commercial benefits which will boost sustainable development and move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the field of infrastructure innovation industry (SDG9).
The incubation of technology startups (Tech Startups), including the creation of new entrepreneurs (Startups) and providing opportunities for outsiders and students to participate in presenting business ideas such as the Business Brotherhood competition project. Business plan presentations are provided, and the licensing and transferring of technology for activities are continuously implemented in cooperation with industrial sectors.
A training center was created to increase business skills and competency, such as the entrepreneurship development courses in the coffee industry which create added value for the products. At the same time, the university helps increase production efficiency for those at the foundation level of the economy. For instance, the BCG in Action project (Bio - Circular - Green Economy) aims to create a 3D economy, consisting of a bio economy, a revolving economy, and a green economy. The project covers target industries such as agriculture, food, and biological chemistry and the departments work together to achieve objectives such as Smart Farming, Active Citizen, Zero-Waste, and AI for All to promote community, business, and social innovation.