Engineering CMU funded by EU to join Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Policies (SWAP)

11 January 2022

Faculty of Engineering

The Department of Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering – led by Assist.Prof.Dr. Patiroop Pholchan, in partnership with Germany’s Hamburg University of Technology and leading universities in Europe and Southeast Asia (which included universities in countries such as Greece, Italy, Vietnam, and Cambodia), received funding from Erasmus (EU) to embark on the project ‘Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Policies (SWAP)’. As the global economy and society keep growing, there needs to be an improvement in the management of the increasing amount of waste, as well as the efficiency and the number of experts on solid waste management.

This project aims to build capacities at different levels of education by developing specialized curriculum development and training programmes with sustainable governance, fostering future experts and introducing new academic Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) products to teachers and trainers. The main emphasis is waste management under the scopes of health and environmental risk, waste treatment unit processes, landfilling: control of emissions on soil, water and air, and circular economy.

Participants will also have the chance to gain concrete and practical experience at the training centers set up by SWAP and supervised by local organizations, universities providing training or even entrepreneurs in partnership. Everything is available on the e-learning platform – Open Online Learning Management System (OOLMS). For further information, visit