Thailand Agricultural Expo 2024 to be Held by CMU from November 28 – December 8, 2024 at CMU Farm in Mae Hia

24 May 2024

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

As a part of the celebration of its 60th anniversary, CMU is hosting the Thailand Agricultural Expo 2024 from November 28 – December 8, 2024 at CMU Farm at the Faculty of Agriculture on the CMU Mae Hia campus. Themed ‘Preserve and Perpetuate the King’s Science towards Modernity, Food Security and Carbon Neutrality for Sustainable Development’, the expo gathers cutting-edge knowledge and technology by the Faculty of Agriculture and other CMU organizations, translating research into practice and real-world applications.

The event will showcase exhibitions and innovations in agriculture from all sectors, aiming to shift the paradigm of modern agriculture to precision agriculture. This includes environmental management using Smart Farm technologies, IoT, drones, robots, and agricultural machinery. Additionally, there will be exhibitions honoring royal initiatives from various sectors, along with meetings and seminars on trending topics in future agriculture, short courses on diverse subjects, and competitions featuring animals and plants.
Students will get a chance to join the science project competition on modern agricultural technology and innovation, as well as there being a challenge quiz, drawing and tray landscapes. For farmers and the general public, the competitions will include plants and rice contests with 15 prizes up for grabs.

Participants will also get to experience agricultural tourism in the middle of the Mae Hia farm. The highlight of the event, the ‘Colorful Rice Plot’, will showcase the Pink Lady rice variety and white rice with dark purple leaves, adding to the vibrant beauty of the surroundings. In addition to this highlight, the venue will host renowned restaurants, a farmer's market, and shops operated by community enterprises, offering a delightful experience for dining and shopping.

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