Feel Comfortable and Live Comfortably Here at CMU

16 June 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

         CMU would like to welcome all of its new students and is ready to provide them with the best learning experience throughout the course of their studies. Not only is CMU working hard to improve the teaching, but improvements have also been made around the campus in terms of landscape, space utilization, better sports facilities, and recreational spaces, all amidst an environment appreciative of the natural world all around us. To make CMU students’ lives more convenient, there is the WiFi-equipped CMU Food Centre situated at the heart of the campus as well as the ITSC Corners, where students can study and work with convenient internet access. One ITSC corner is located in front of the Main Library and the other, called ‘ITSC Corner Co-Working Space’, is located on the first floor of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre.


       As for accommodations, the university has built new dormitories, renovated existing ones, and have improved the landscape. The dorms now have reading rooms, recreational spaces, cafeterias, as well as sporting facilities for petanque, basketball, badminton, and other sports in order to promote healthy activities. Students can choose to pursue their exercise of choice at provided facilities, for instance, the Main Stadium, which also has a large gymnasium, the new sports center, and several outdoor exercise spots across the campus.


     Moreover, CMU is full of green spaces where students can seek shade and be comforted by the sound of the Ang Kaew and Ang Tad Chompoo Reservoirs as well as the sound of the breeze in a beautiful and natural setting. The areas surrounding these aquatic landmarks are also made into an exercising space for people to walk or jog, or even to sit and relax safely.


      In addition to promoting exercise, CMU is launching the CMU Health Centre, a healthcare facility located near student dormitories where students can seek medical treatment with great convenience.
For transportation within the campus, the CMU electric shuttle car service is convenient, safe and eco-friendly. The service covers the main campus, the Suan Dok campus (via the CMU-Suan Dok Line) and the Mae Hia campus (via the CMU-Mae Hia Line). Students can track the location and seat availability in real-time using the CMU Mobile Application.

     New students and parents now have full access to the entire university via the Virtual Tour 360? at https://cmu.ac.th/360/. It is an emerging experience where users will enjoy navigating through CMU with the provided map.

      All of these are what we have to offer to all students. We hope that everyone will have a great time studying and living in this home that we call CMU.