CMU launches robotics and AI engineering programme to accommodate future technology

9 July 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

It is indisputable that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of today’s work and daily life. Widely adopted in the industrial and business sectors, AI and its intelligent system have led to the development of robots in response to the demands of innovation, particularly now that Thailand needs more workforce to increase its competitiveness. For this reason, Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Engineering has launched an undergraduate programme on robotics and AI to produce to accommodate technological innovation and demands for engineering graduates in the future.

The programme offered by the Faculty of Engineering, CMU focuses on the development of robotic hardware systems, robotic control programming and AI-related programming that would lead to AI robot development. Students will receive rigorous training in both theory and practice from experts in the fields. The strong point of this programme is the project-based learning approach in which students start from the basics that build up to a real AI robot project, and those who wish to pursue a one-year master’s degree continuation may choose to apply to four different programmes in mechanical, computer, electrical and industrial engineering. Graduates can work in the fields related to robotics and automation, software or AI as AI experts, robotic and automation engineers and researchers, machine learning engineers and robotic software developers, among others.

CMU’s past innovative contributions to the medical and industrial sectors include CMU Aiyara, a delivery robot operating in COVID-19 wards, a mango-picking robot, and many others. Moreover, our students are encouraged to participate in robotic competitions, on both the national and international levels, to foster professionalism and innovativeness, becoming an innovative force with expertise, creativity and capability of integration and practical application. This initiative marks an important milestone for Thai education and an increase in the competency of Thai graduates that allows them to reap the benefits from AI, leading to new opportunities and sustainable social development in all aspects.