Nurse CMU visit at Tzu-Chi Foundation, Tzu-Chi University, and National Taiwan University, TAIWAN

18 April 2019

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University, led by Professor Dr. Wipada Kunavikitkul, Dean, along with the faculty's administrators traveled to participate in the exchange of learning and research studies at the National Taiwan University, School of Nursing, which leading nursing institutions in Asia and the world. They have been ranked 29th in the QS ranking (Nursing Science). On this occasion, the Dean signed an academic cooperation agreement with National Taiwan University, consisting of research, teaching and learning, faculty & student exchange. As well as participating in the exchange of knowledge and research development between the two educational institutions.

In addition, they participated in cooperation, studied, and exchanged knowledge at Tzu-Chi Foundation, Tzu-Chi University, and National Taiwan University, Taiwan, the Republic of China during 6 - 11 April 2019. The objectives were to exchange knowledge and experience in teaching, research, and learning management. Including the knowledge and approach to learning management that is integrated into a comprehensive system both humanity, morality, ethics, culture, and environmental study (Buddhism in Action). Also, studied environmental conservation by visiting a waste sorting facility (Neihu Tzu-Chi Recycling Center).