CMU Prototypes a Pyrolysis Mobile Unit – cleanly transforming agricultural waste into charcoal

2 June 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

The smoke pollution generated from the burning of agricultural waste in open areas, particularly corn, has seriously impacted the health, economics and tourism in Chiang Mai on a yearly basis.

Searching for practical solutions, CMU’s Energy Research and Developing Institute has created a prototype Pyrolysis Mobile Unit that produces Bio-charcoal, a project supported by the Ministry of Energy.

This prototype Pyrolysis Mobile Unit burns organic waste at a constant temperature with minimal smoke pollution to produce quality charcoal. Tested in Baan Na Hong, Mae Cham District, Chiang Mai Province, the villagers transformed corn into charcoal, which can be sold or used for cooking or as fertilizer.

Chiang Mai University is open to hearing from the public their opinions on how to turn agricultural waste into a viable product whilst at the same time minimizing the smoke pollution emitted by the burning of agriculture waste that is creating extreme air pollution levels in Chiang Mai every year.