NurseCMU Hosts Japanese Nursing School, Naragakuen University for Study Visit Program

5 September 2023

Faculty of Nursing

NurseCMU hosts a study visit program for Naragakuen University's School of Nursing from Japan. The program aims to provide a unique opportunity for twelve participants, including faculty members and undergraduate nursing students, to gain valuable insights into healthcare and nursing practices in Thailand from September 3 to September 9, 2023

During the program, the participants will learn various healthcare and nursing topics, including the Thai healthcare system, traditional medicine practices, and updated pain management techniques for children. They will be exposed to special topics such as the prevention of HIV among children and adolescents, a growing concern worldwide.

The visit program will allow the participants to interact with local healthcare professionals and faculty members from NurseCMU, which will facilitate a deeper understanding of the nursing profession in Thailand. The exchange of knowledge and ideas between the participants and their counterparts made this visit program a testament to the strong collaborative spirit between Naragakuen University and Chiang Mai University.

This visit program promises to be an enriching experience for everyone involved, and it highlights the importance of global partnerships in advancing healthcare and nursing practices.