NURSE CMU Partners with TOYAMA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY OF JAPAN for joint research projects

12 September 2023

Faculty of Nursing

On September 11, 2023, Assistant Professor Dr. Thanee Kaewthummanukul, Dean, and Assistant Professor Dr. Jutarat Mesukko, Associate Dean responsible for Research, Innovation, and Global Mission Integration, Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University (NurseCMU), held a productive Zoom meeting with the executive team, representatives, and research team from Toyama Prefectural University of Japan. The two institutions met virtually to discuss opportunities for joint international research projects.
The partnership aims to foster closer collaboration between the two institutions and create exciting new opportunities for nursing research and education developments. Toyama Prefectural University of Japan's Faculty of Nursing offers nine courses in three fields: Fundamental Nursing, Clinical Nursing, and Public/Community Health Nursing. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including Adult Nursing (Acute Phase and Chronic Phase and Palliative Care), Gerontological Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Maternal Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Home Care Nursing, and Public/Community Health Nursing.
List of attendees from Toyama Prefectural University
1. (Online) Dr. Hiromi Matsui, Dean Faculty of Nursing, Prof. of Midwifery
2. (Online) Dr. Pingping Zhang, Prof. of Geriatric Nursing, Chairman, International Exchange Committee, Faculty of Nursing
3. (Online) Ms. Haruna Nakamura, International Exchange Committee Secretariat
4. (Face-to-face) Dr. Nobuko Shimizu, Associate Prof, Department of Public Health Nursing
5. (Interpreter) Ms. Yoshimi Horiuchi