Chiang Mai University Announcement Temporary Closure of Chiang Mai University Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

23 March 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in many countries worldwide, the Chiang Mai Provincial Communicable Disease Committee has announced that urgent measures are to be taken including the closing of all educational institutions, in order to reduce crowds and the risk of infection among students, professors and staff. In line with this Chiang Mai University deems it appropriate to enforce the following measures:
1. Cancel classes held in classrooms and temporarily close certain offices for 22 days from March, 23 2020 at 18.00 PM until April, 13 2020 at 24.00 AM, except places related to medical services and security.
2. Provide online teaching for all courses and instructors should alter the method of evaluation, or reschedule the examination dates as needed, in accordance with the objectives and learning outcomes of the course.
3. Refrain from internship/cooperative education programs, or modify the schedule.
4. Executives and Directors should assign work tasks to staff as needed and create an effective online platform to schedule online meetings. Staff should work from home as per the announcements in the Measures for Staff to Work from Home During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and Minimizing the Air Pollution Health Concerns, dated March 18, 2020. Staff should also be prepared to be contacted or assigned tasks by their Director/Supervisor, as well as maintain good work ethics and discipline.
5. The university has arranged dormitories and food vendors for students who continue to reside in the university and do not wish to return to their homes in order to prevent the risk of infection.
6. Professors, staff and students are to refrain from leaving their residences or visit communities and should closely follow the Chiang Mai University’s news.

Announcement made on March 23, 2020