CMU Students Develop an Embalming Fluid that is Safe and Free from Unpleasant Odors to Boost Learning Effectiveness

5 February 2024

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

      ‘PASUK’, an embalming fluid product created by students from the Dentistry and Business Administration faculties, won the regional competition of ‘Research to Market’ 2023 (R2M2023), in which 21 teams from member institutions of the Northern Science Park Network participated. The competition was hosted by Maejo Agro Food Park (MAP) from November 30 to December 1, 2023.

     This edition’s winner was PASUK, an embalming fluid that is safe to use and free from undesirable odors. It was created by CMU’s Team Wizmed which consists of students from the CMU Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Business Administration. Traditional embalming fluids used in medical schools are created in-house using similar key ingredients, which can have both direct and indirect impacts on students such as strong smells and potential health effects. For this reason, the team has come up with an alternative that meets the following requirements. First, it needs to have anti-fungal properties as fungi growth contributing to decomposition could obstruct visibility. Second, it has to be free from undesirable odors. Last, it must be safe to use and inhale, improving the learning experience and effectiveness, as a result. This project is a part of ‘builds,’ the CMU start-up and entrepreneurial program aiming to drive CMU towards becoming an ‘entrepreneurial university’.

      At the competition, CMU STeP led three teams representing CMU: Team Balance-D from the Faculty of Business Administration, Team ModernPlus from the faculties of Science and Economics, and Team Wizmed from the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Business Administration. CMU STeP Assistant Director, Assistant Professor Dr. Suriyah Thongmunee, attended the opening ceremony alongside executives of the Regional Science Park.

       As a leading university committed to social responsibility and sustainable development through innovation, CMU strives to support education and research to maximize educational capacity and improve personnel’s academic capabilities, thus being able to produce outcomes that will receive recognition on the international stage.