Invited to participate in an aesthetic discussion about Metaverse, the turning point of the modern library ?

24 February 2022

Chiang Mai University Library

Chiang Mai University Library organizes activities for knowledge replenishment and exchanging knowledge; an aesthetic discussion entitled "Metaverse, the turning point of a new era library?" with Mr. Isriya Phairi defeated the Founder of Blognone and Brand Inside website as a speaker. On Tuesday, March 1st of 2022, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon via electronic media system Zoom.
Invite interested people to register to participate in the event. To receive room number zoom at

learning exchange issues
- How is the Metaverse the new universe of the virtual world?
- Future of Learning and Research in Metaverse
- Metaverse, the turning point of the modern Library, is it the truth?