Buildings, Grounds and Utilities Division

Physical development And the environment to be clean, green and clean (Green and Clean Campus), design, control, inspection of buildings Take care of utilities, water flow, bright lights, communication thoroughly, sorting waste and treat wastewater efficiently.

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“We aim to develop highest standards for facility services and physical resources management.”


To promote high standards for building design, maintenance, and physical resources and environment management
To promote high standards for campus infrastructure and services
To carry out other related duties as assigned

Proactive strategy: Promoting development of maintenance strategy / arts and culture / natural resources and environment

Mission Strategies: Development of educational facilities / Campus physical resources and environment
A. promoting sustainable development of “green and clean” campus physical resources and environment for facilitating teaching, learning, and researching
B. Monitoring campus building design, construction, and maintenance policies
C. onitoring campus utilities and infrastructure (water supply, electricity, telephone services, waste disposal, and sewer system) to assure compliance with the Environmental, Health, and Safety Code


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