Social Research Institute

"Leading Regional Research Center for Social Development and World Class Lan Na Studies."

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About Us
Social Science Research was started by a group of professors in the Faculty of Social Science in 1973.

In 1976, Chiang Mai University approved to establish an internal center of Social Sciences Faculty, named “Social Science Research Center” and in 1976, the center was approved to include in “Social Research Institute Establishment Project” as a new project in the Education Development Plan Phase 4 (1977-1981).
Then, Ministry of University Affairs announced the establishment of the Social Research Institute Project to be “Social Research Institute (SRI)” since January 28, 1981.

Leading Regional Research Center for Social Development and World Class Lan Na Studies.

1. Being National / International Cultural Exchange Junction.
2. Doing the in-depth, high quality and high impact research to support the development policy of economic, social and culture by using university networks in local, national, and international levels.
3. Providing academic services for the communities, cities, and remote areas.

1. International Cultural Exchange Junction: Paper/ Well known Researcher / Exhibition / Conference
2. Lan Na in World Class Recognition – UNESCO Creative City Network, World Heritage, World Craft City
3. Eco - Friendly and Happy Workplace

Our 7 Research Centers
• Lan Na Tai Ethnic Learning Center (LELC)
• Lanna Innovation and Digital Media Development Center (LIDMeD Center)
• Center of Tourism Research and Development (CTRD)
• Urban Design and Environmental Studies Center (UDE)
• Centre for Research in Lan Na Writing Culture and Folklore (CLCF)
• Lan Na Research Center
• The Centre of Multiculturalism and Education Policy