DIY PM 2.5 Net: clean air for bedridden patients

29 March 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

The increasing severity of air pollution problems in Chiang Mai, as reflected in the continuous AQI spikes, is affecting people’s health, particularly that of bedridden patients. To help this group of people, researchers at Chiang Mai University have innovated a DIY-PM 2.5 Net that is both low-cost and effective, and its prototype was piloted at Tha Pha Public Health Centre in Mae Chaem District, Chaing Mai Province.
Asst.Prof. Dr. Yottana Khunatorn and Asst. Prof. Dr. Paskorn Champrasert, Faculty of Engineering, were the developers of this innovation that is capable of significantly reducing the amount of dust in the air. Results show that after installing the fan and the filter inside the net, the PM 2.5 level inside the net was measured at 8 micrograms per cubic meter (?g/m3), compared to 78 ?g/m3 outside. The idea is to filter the air inside and prevent the clean air from getting out, while keeping the poor-quality air from coming in, which is similar to how positive pressure rooms operate. The Net costs about 1,500 baht to produce and the plan is to expand its use to a wider scope of bedridden patients in Mae Chaem. This initiative is being conducted under the Awareness and Adaptation to Haze Project led by Asst.Dr. Phonpat Hemwan, from GistNorth, Faculty of Social Sciences.
Innovation from CMU academics plays a role in mitigating the risks from pollution, increasing access to healthcare, and improving patients’ quality of life. CMU will continue to seek solutions for the haze crisis and guarantee fresh air for all.