Introducing CMU i-Health: a health platform to care for CMU staff

8 February 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

On the journey to become “the University of Health”, CMU has recognised the significance of employees’ health problems which may result from work-related stress, and lack of time for self-care, and address them with the help of IT innovation. The CMU i-Health platform was developed to help solve the issue, as a part of the Development of Health Promotion Potential Project for CMU Staff under the scheme of Healthy CMU. The platform provides health risk assessment and will help prevent common non-communicable diseases among working adults, thus increasing the staff’s capacity and efficiency, and allowing them to prepare for retirement age properly.

CMU i-Health, developed by the College of Art, Media and Technology (CAMT), is a health platform that CMU staff can access to take the health risk assessment and record their health data. At the first log-in, there are three tasks to be completed. The first tasks is the Health Risk Assessment Screening Form, by the National Health Security Office (NHSO), in which the users fill in data on personal information, family, exercise, food consumption, stress, physical examinations and other behaviours. The second part is the World Health Organization Quality-of-Life Scale (WHOQOL) which measures the quality of life in the following domains - physical health, psychological health, social relationships and environmental health. The third part is the Health-Promoting Behaviour Assessment Form developed by the Faculty of Nursing. The system will report the frequency of health behaviours in the following dimensions, interpersonal relationships, body movement, spiritual development, health responsibility and stress management. Once the tasks are completed, the system will generate a summary of the results both in the overall aspect and the separate domains. It will also provide health advice and information on health-promoting activities as outlined by the University’s health promotion campaign.
This IT innovation is a health promotion mechanism implemented by the University to encourage self-care, lifestyle change, work-life balance and happiness among the valuable personnel of CMU.

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