Four Marketing Communication majors named 37th J-MAT Next Gen Working Committee

21 December 2021

Faculty of Mass Communication

Ms. Chalanda Phromphao and Ms. Khemika Thaman, third-year students, and Ms. Phattharaphon Singtohin and Ms. Ditthita Weewong, second-year students, from the Marketing Communication major, Faculty of Mass Communication, CMU, have been selected as a part of the 37th J-MAT Next Gen Working Committee.
Initiated by the Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT), the J-MAT Next Gen project seeks students from institutions nationwide who wish to put their marketing knowledge into practice and earn hands-on experience by joining the one-year-term working committee. This is to prepare young marketers for the real professional world through managing projects and skill-enhancing activities such as the J-MAT CHIT CHAT, the Marketing Route seminar, the J-MAT marketing plan award, and the Marketing Trainee project. Moreover, the selected members help spread information from institutions all over the country.
There had been 36 generations of J-MAT students prior to this year’s selection which was held in the theme, ‘Next Step to The Marketing World: Entering the Marketing World and Learn to Work like a Professional’. From 244 candidates from 34 institutions, 85 from 16 passed the selection and became a part of this year’s committee.