CMU Lanna House Museum wins at Museum Thailand Awards, 2020

18 September 2020


CMU Lanna House Museum won the Outstanding Museum and Learning Site, 2020 in the category of Social, Art and Cultural Museums in Conservation and Perpetuation at Museum Thailand Awards 2020.
On September 17, 2020, at C Asean Auditorium, Cyberworld Building, Bangkok, Assist.Prof. Vilawan Svetsreni, Director of The Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, CMU, attended the awarding ceremony of the Museum Thailand Awards 2020, to receive the Outstanding Award in Social, Art and Cultural Museums in Conservation and Perpetuation from Mr.Weerarot Potchanarat, Chairman of Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organisation).
The Museum Thailand Awards 2020 was hosted by The National Discovery Museum Institute (Museum Siam) for four consecutive years to support and inspire museum personnel and to improve museums and learning sites in Thailand in terms of service quality and international standard.
CMU Lanna House Museum exhibits traditional houses and buildings of Tai groups in Lanna (Ping river basin), which were relocated from their original sites to the open area of the Museum amidst various long-standing trees. The exhibited houses were donated to CMU by the owners of the houses for academic and conservation purposes. They would undergo restoration and get installed in the Museum’s area under the supervision of The Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture to ensure that they retain their original architectural structure as much as possible. Each house has unique characteristics and history, as they were built in different periods and are at least almost a century old, holding immense cultural values.
The exhibition aims to be the learning site for the architecture of traditional houses in the Ping river basin and the lifestyle of the residents. Visitors will learn about the ways of life and the cultures of the Tai groups in Lanna through the participation in short courses and workshops that are open to all. Moreover, the Museum strives to collaborate with art and cultural network, and the local communities to gather data, make publications both in print and online.
A distinct characteristic of the Museum is the fact that it possesses houses and buildings from different Tai groups in Lanna (Ping river basin). It is committed to the conservation, perpetuation, transfer and development of the ways of life, arts and cultures through the houses and buildings, exhibitions, short courses and workshop on art and culture (handcrafts, visual art, music, food, lifestyle, costume and etc.)
Interested visitors can contact the CMU Lanna House Museum at (+66)53-943625-6