Smart Accessibility for Unlimited Access to Books

10 August 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

The CMU Main Library is offering several services in response to digital disruption today. One of its innovative services is Smart Accessibility, which allows users to borrow and return printed materials without limits anywhere and anytime.
1. Loan of printed materials via e-Services
Users fill in the Loan Form at and choose from the three delivery options:
a. making an appointment to pick up loaned items at the Main Library or their faculty library,
b. book delivery by post, and
c. document delivery within CMU libraries.
2. Online loaning service available on smart devices at the libraries – users can borrow and return items using the self-checkout system available at the circulation desk.

Book loans using smart devices or online checkout in 6 steps.

Self-Check In service

3. Library items have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag attached to the last page which serves as an ID for each one. The item information is automatically linked to the library’s self-checkout system. Every time a book is brought out of the library, the RFID detector gate at the exit will read the item’s tag to prevent item loss.
4. Smart Locker is a new service for checking in and out books from the Main Library through which users can fill in the Loan Form online and pick up the items, or return them at any time, using the code sent by the Smart Locker available at the front of the Main Library. (August 2022)