CMU Launches Website for Policy Phase 13 and 9 Quick Win Policies

13 September 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

          CMU has launched a new platform that allows students, staff, and local communities to provide feedback and to track the university’s progress of policy implementation and development. CMU Policy Phase 13, along with the nine Quick Win policies, are accessible online at, which was launched on September 9, 2022.

          On the quest for excellence, CMU Educational Development Plan Phase 13 (B.E. 2566 - 2570) has been implemented to drive the university’s operations and to respond to national strategic plans and stakeholders’ needs, both on the local and national scale, which includes students, learners, employers, public and private organizations that benefit from research, the community, and society. The goal is to drive the university’s development, as well as the country’s development, to be in line with Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.

         With the underlying concept of ‘a leading university with social responsibility for sustainable development through innovation’, the Phase 13 plan has its own website to provide information on the university’s operations divided into nine Quick Win policies. The nine Quick Win policies are as follows: (1) turning 1,000 technologies into innovations, (2) promoting 50 research collaborations to the international stage, (3) highlighting 99 high-impact research projects with practicality, (4) providing good quality of life and health insurance for CMU staff, (5) increasing shuttle bus stops to 36 across the three campuses, (6) fostering 99 social change agents, (7) Token to Care: emergency financial support for students, (8) free application fees to provide equal educational opportunity, and lastly (9) providing a CMU Health Centre to ensure good health.
The website contains this information as well as the progress of 92 policies in six aspects. The six aspects are: Biopolis, Medicopolis, Creative Lanna, Educational Management, Research and Innovation, and CMU Excellence Management.

        CMU also encourages engagement in its development by offering a platform that welcomes comments and feedback for better improvement. The progress in the next four years will be reported periodically on the following website: