U2T Thasala: One Tambon One University

11 November 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

U2T Thasala is a One Tambon One University project by Chiang Mai University that celebrates the 300-year-old murals of Wat Buak Krok, depicting stories on handicrafts, adding value to products and generating income for the community through use of online platforms.
The integrative sub-district economic and social development project (University to Tambon) – U2T is supported by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Avorn Opatpatanakit (CMU Vice President) is the chairman of the Upper Northern Region network and Societal Engagement CMU, Office of Research Administration, CMU, oversees 50 sub-districts, tambon, in six provinces.
Located in Mueang district, Chiang Mai, Thasala sub-district is one of the 50 sub-districts in CMU’s area of responsibility. Dr. Suban Pornwiang and Dr. Monnapat Manokarn, from the Faculty of Education, act as the project consultants for Thasala Sub-district Municipality and the Thasala sub-district community with the aim to drive integrative social and economic development in the area. As the system integrator, the university engages in area development and socio-economic recovery programmes that address local problems and needs. Field data collection has revealed outstanding existing capitals, as well as the need to transform local products and promote cultural tourism by drawing on the 300-year-old murals of Wat Buak Krok. Stories from the renowned murals are depicted on handicraft products sold under the brand, ‘TASSA’, ranging from lamps, traditional clothes, and fabric totes to face masks. This has led to the establishment of a community enterprise with online distribution which generates incomes for the locals.

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Media production and route recommendation produced by Dr. Suparada Prapawong, co-researcher from College of Art, Media and Technology– the U2T Thasala’s YouTube channel contains videos about the local handicrafts and the cultural tourism routes.
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