All you can study: 14 free online courses from CMU

4 June 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Today, learning is not limited to classrooms; people can access good sources of knowledge no matter where they are. Following the trend, Chiang Mai University has launched 14 free online courses to open up opportunities for learners of all ages to learn and develop new skills without limits. Taught by experts in the fields on CMU MOOC, learners are free to study their favorite subjects at convenient times and locations, and they can receive a certificate of completion from CMU upon fulfilling the course requirements.
The 14 courses are:
• Maritime Clusters and International Digital Marketing
• O2O Retail Business Management for Digital Entrepreneurs
• Development of Art Education Management Competency for 21st Century Learners
• Minitab for Statistical Analysis
• Fundamentals of Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, and Dinamo
• Basic Mathematical Concepts for Calculus
• Introduction to Text Analysis with Python
• The New Normal for your Dental Visit
• Architectural Design 3
• Cardiovascular Physiology
• Learning Business English through the News
• Breastfeeding Ill Infants
• Pediatric Nursing Practice: A Case-based Learning
• Counselling Psychology for Beginners
Those who are interested can register at or call 053-943855-56 to reach the Digital Technology and New Media Branch of the Information Technology Service Center (ITSC).
Learning, an integral part of life, takes place at all times throughout life, even during crises. Online learning is perfect for learners who have to make adaptations due to a crisis. Regardless of age and status, they can find opportunities to improve themselves. In addition, CMU also offers other online open courses via to allow everyone to access knowledge without limits.