CMU Library opens service area be ready to borrow books with your smart device.

3 November 2021

Chiang Mai University Library

             Miss Wararak pattanakiatphong, Director of Chiang Mai University Library. Reveal that Main Library had temporarily closed a service area during the Second wave's COVID-19 epidemic, From mid-April 2021 onwards.

             By focusing and servicing delivery books to users and digital service, in the past could service as to be quite contented at the time of booking to school second semester 2021. Main Library will be opened a service area from the first floor to the fourth floor on Monday to Friday 08.30 - 16.30 with rigorous prevention standards.

           In addition to normal service, the Library is keeping delivery book service and keeping E-service in conjunction with using service area. On 8th November 2021 is KICK OFF Day, servicing borrow a book with Smart Device, in which the users could borrow a book by themselves without necessarily doing the process at the circulation desk or Self-Check system.

          The system of borrowing a book by Smart Device or ONLINE CHECKOUT is an innovative service which had developed by Main Library to accommodate, fasting to borrow or other resources to contactless with users in the COVID-19 epidemic.

         Users just log in on their mobile or other Smart devices to Scan QR-Code where is the rear of the book by your line application or Scan QR-Code function to connect the page QUICK SERVICE of the Main library. verify by your CMU IT Account and enter the barcode from the rear book which would borrow. On their page QUICK SERVICE still could ensure your accrual book, due date and Self pay a fine.