Executives of Chiang Mai University and lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture paid the courtesy visit to executives of Kyoto Institute of Technology

13 February 2024

Faculty of Architecture

Professor of Practice Dr. Ekkachai Mahaek, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, together with other executives and joint degree’s lecturers of joint M.Arch degree between Faculty of Architecture and Kyoto Institute of Technology paid a courtesy visit to Professor Dr. MORISAKO Kiyotaka, President of Kyoto Institute of Technology and Professor Dr.YOSHIMOTO Masahiro and Professor Dr. KAMEI Kaeko, Vice Presidents. They all attended a collaboration meeting about the program, students, academic matter, and research for further collaborative development in the future.

On 6th February 2024 at Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan

photo credit : Kyoto Institute of Technology