CAMT, CMU officially signs a memorandum of understanding on academic cooperation with Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.

10 October 2023

College of Art, Media and Technology

            Assistant Professor Dr. Worawit Chanchai, the Dean of the College of Arts, Media, and Technology at Chiang Mai University, and Dr. Achara Khamaksorn, the head of the strategic project "CAMT+OXFORD BROOKES INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION" [4+1 PROGRAM], joined by college administrators, recently entered into a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation. Their counterpart in this endeavor was Professor Dr. Joseph H. M. Tah, the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Design, and Environment, Matt Gaskin Associate Dean Strategy and Development and Professor Ramin Keivani, Head of School of the Built Environmentat Oxford Brookes University, alongside the administration team of the Faculty of Technology, Design, and Environment.

           This significant agreement marks their second meeting after initial discussions. Notably, the two institutions operate under distinct regulatory frameworks and systems. The primary objective of this collaboration is to facilitate a double-degree program that allows students from the College of Arts, Media, and Technology to pursue bachelor's degrees at Chiang Mai University and then proceed to master's programs at Oxford Brookes University. The program caters to various subject groups, including Management, Computing, Digital Arts, and Software Engineering, aligning with the college's curriculum.

           The College of Arts, Media, and Technology at Chiang Mai University is committed to internationalism, consistent with the university's global partnership initiatives with prestigious international institutions. Concurrently, Oxford Brookes University places a strong emphasis on forging partnerships with leading universities worldwide, considering factors like academic reputation, resources, and the overall learning environment. This collaboration benefits students from both institutions, as Oxford Brookes University.
Currently, the College of Arts, Media, and Technology hosts over 300 international students in various undergraduate and graduate programs.

           The College is dedicated to formulating strategies and implementing systems that create a conducive learning environment, known as the Learning Eco-system. This initiative caters to students prepared to engage in diverse learning formats.

The signing of this official cooperation agreement under the strategic project will foster the growth of knowledge and expertise among students at the College of Arts, Media, and Technology. It enables a seamless educational transition for students to study at Oxford Brookes University and establishes a foundation for future project agreements.

          Furthermore, Assistant Professor Dr. Worawit Chanchai, Dean, and Assistant Professor Dr. Orawit Thinnukool, Assistant Dean, and Head of the Embedded Systems and Computational Science Research lab, paid a courtesy visit to Professor Washington Ochieng, Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director of the Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) at the Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London. This visit aimed to discuss and revise the existing agreement between Chiang Mai University's College of Media Arts and Technology and Imperial College London. These two institutions have collaborated on research projects for over two years and have jointly developed research proposals for domestic and international funding sources.

         These visits to prominent universities highlight the proactive approach of the college, aligning with Chiang Mai University's Educational Development Plan, Phase 13, focusing on establishing global partnerships.