Dust-Free Dorm Project to provide clean air for CMU students

29 March 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

PM 2.5 are fine particulates that pose threat to the air quality and people’s health during the transition between winter and summer. Chiang Mai, in particular, has been suffering from the unhealthy levels of PM 2.5. Chiang Mai University has always been committed to the mission as an academic support centre that connects all sectors in combating haze problems. This year, it has launched the project to provide clean air by creating dust-free rooms, safety zones, in nine university dormitories with 1,400 rooms.
The innovation for clean air in the form of dust-free rooms for dormitory students was developed by the team at the Energy Research and Development Institute of Nakornping, CMU. The idea is that clean air is filled into the room with a fan with has an air filter installed in the duct and large openings such as windows or louvres are sealed with a dust net or curtain to contain the level of contaminants in the air such as germs, dusts, fumes, gases or smokes. This would help reduce the health impacts and the accumulation of health-threatening contaminants inside the body, and it would also help lower the room temperature and control odor, humidity and air quality inside the room. Students can rest assured that they will have clean air while residing in CMU dormitories.

Clean air is a basic health need, a great concern of CMU for its students, and this project is a way to keep the PM 2.5 in dormitory rooms at the average level. So far, the knowledge has been transferred to communities, school and hospitals in risk areas, and it would also be applicable to off-campus private dormitories in order to make every space dust-free.