Faculty of Nursing

The Chiang Mai University Faculty of Nursing is a leading international nursing academic and research institution.

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Child Health Promotion Demonstration Unit

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 07.30-16.30
Tel. +66 53 935015 

Nursing Service Center

The Nursing Service Center, which operates as a for-profit agency, provides in-service training for professional nurses around the country. These courses allow nurses to improve their nursing skills and knowledge, which in turn improves services for the community. 

Faculty Curriculum and Research Project

This project serves the local community and provides health improvement projects for people in rural and remote areas of Northern Thailand. Projects have included health education training for community leaders, Buddhist monks, school teachers, students and community members. Past training topics included first aid, self-medication and self-care, drug abuse prevention, family planning, child health and child care.  

Health Spa Service Development Center

Through a special partnership with the Thai Lanna Spa Association and the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office, the Health Spa Service Development Center develops and administers short-training courses for the Chiang Mai Province Market Health Promotion Project. These courses promote Thai traditional alternative therapies, while maintaining high standards for practice and delivery.