The Chiang Mai University Student Club video guide has 8 episodes, summarized as below;

Episode 1

Student club activities
Chiang Mai University Student Club introduction video is presented, showing the activities that will be held throughout the 2020 academic year, including the introduction of a central club for students to get to know each other.

Episode 2 (2.1) (2.2)

Student dorm life
A video about student dormitory life in Chiang Mai University, discussing methods of preparation and necessary items for living in a dormitory.

Episode 3

Places to eat and travel
Featured videos showing examples of tourist attractions, restaurants, and popular cafes in Chiang Mai University and other notable places around the university.

Episode 4

Chiang Mai University music
Chiang Mai University music videos consists of the elephant umbrella and CMU remembrance song, performed by the cheerleaders of Chiang Mai University. In addition, there is a narrative about the pride of Chiang Mai University's music.

Episode 5

New normal
The video introduces life in Chiang Mai University during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the university's preventative measures for entering classrooms, using the train services, and access to various locations within Chiang Mai University etc.

Episode 6

The video recommends and informs students about life at Chiang Mai University, such as understanding the building names. It also describes how to read the CMU Mobile student code and introduces the on-campus locations that students should know.

Episode 7

Important places in Chiang Mai
The video introduces important places within Chiang Mai that CMU students should know and visit, including:
1. Chiang Mai University History Hall (Pin Mala Art Gallery)
2. City hall
3. Phra Phum Shrine
4. Chaloem Phrakiat Building 7
5. Lanna Ancient House Museum