Chiang Mai University was built from the demands of the northern people of Thailand, wanting the university to produce graduates for the development of the northern region. From 1964, we have had more than 180,000 university graduates which became a major force in the national development; serving the society and bringing reputation to the institute. We place great importance on creating graduates with moral knowledge and logical reasoning while also helping them develop applicable skills necessary for their profession so that they are able to live happily in society.

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Journal of Mass Communication

Journal of Mass Communication is a scholarly journal published by the Faculty of Mass Communication, Chiang Mai University.
We work towards clear objectives to deliver scholarly researches/works conducted by scholars and graduate students of mass communication and relevant fields and to encourage and promote scholarly researches,
together with developing knowledge of communication in different scholarly disciplines.

Journal of Mass Communication publishes scholarly articles, researches, review articles both in Thai and English. The scope
encompasses a range of scholarly disciplines: mass communication, journalism, communication arts, and relevant fields.

Journal of Mass Communication is launched 2 times a year (January to June and July to December).

Tel. +66 5394 2703 #195

Agro-Industrial Business Service Center

We are creating academic works through working processes that emphasize quality and benefit to the community and society. We select innovation and research to develop and expand by Integrated-learning between students, researchers and entrepreneurs to build and enhance the value chain in the food industry.

Our services
1. Consultation of Agro-industry from experts for entrepreneurs and individuals without the cost.
2. Services for public and private projects in the agricultural industry and related food industries
3. Laboratory analysis service for (1) food products: provide analysis services in microbiology, chemistry, heavy metals, organic matter, and fatty acids (2) packaging materials: provide testing services for paper, plastic film and plastic sheet.
4. A wide range of processing equipment for prototyping, such as production machines, extraction machines and packaging machines
5. Product design and development services for all types of food products
6. Quality system consulting service on production processes for food products and processed agricultural products.
7. Organize various training courses.
At present, Agro-Biz offers 3 training courses annually:
(1) Retort supervisor course according to the regulations of the law for food in sealed containers with low acidity and acidity under Ministry of Public Health Course.
(2) Process authority course according to the regulations of the law for food in sealed containers with low acidity and acidity under Ministry of Public Health Course.
(3) Food for the elderly.

Year 2019-present
Product development of more than 110 products from more than 100 establishments covering an area of 16 provinces in the Northern region.
Packaging design for food and beverage products: 78 packages
Training courses both in-house and off-site of 25 courses, with more than 1,100 participants
Basic academic advising on average 3-5 persons /month.

Agro-Industrial Business Service Center (Agro-Biz),
Tel: +66 5394 8280, +66 93 3039 6551
Facebook/ IG: ABSC.CMU