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               From the country's development context with the 20-Year National Strategy (2017-2036), the Energy Conservation Plan and the Renewable and Alternative Energy Development Plan 2015–2036 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan 2017-2021 Sufficiency Economy Theory and Thailand 4.0 Policy

              Chiang Mai University has created the Chiang Mai University Educational Development Plan, Phase 12 (2017-2021) with a proactive strategy 1: environmental and energy innovation. That meet important national development in environment and energy The university has set goals for leadership, creation, management, capacity building and knowledge sharing. Sustainable green innovation technology Lead to design "Smart City Development Master Plan Chiang Mai University (CMU Smart City-Clean Energy) ”ready to implement smart city development criteria to drive such proactive strategy. Which has important elements including

              - The development of urban models and structures consistent with the concept of a smart city
              - Promotion of energy and environmental conservation Promote the use of renewable energy
              - Introduction of information technology And information help in resource management

              In managing it to be effective There is a need to have the Chiang Mai University Management Center (Campus Management Center: CMC) that is a center for managing the university's resources systematically. To be able to control various systems And check for any errors or resource leaks And take corrective action in a timely manner Together with the university having various departments Within the university office responsible for physical, environmental, energy, traffic and safety. Which has a separate working distribution characteristic Lack of integration Establishment of the Management Center This will create the best use of the physical and environmental resources of the university in the long run.

Vision and Mission

               • Manage a centralized system covering physical, environmental, energy, traffic, safety and emergency precautions.
               • It is a agency to coordinate with various departments. Related physical Environment and energy
               • To serve as an operational support unit of the Vice-Chancellor / Assistant to the President responsible for the physical and environmental affairs of the University.
               • To serve as a centralized system management agency covering physical, environmental, energy, traffic, safety and emergency precautions.
               • Coordinate to receive complaints about traffic, safety, mass transit and energy issues from various departments and agencies.


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