CAMT CMU launches Alpha Academy

4 April 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

           The CMU College of Art, Media and Technology (CAMT) aspires to change the Thai educational system by following the technology-based educational quality development in a new normal style by creating teaching innovation on a digital learning platform to increase educational opportunities and create standards in terms of knowledge and digital skills according to the digital industry’s needs.
Currently there is a rise in labour demand in the digital industry; however, the production of IT personnel cannot catch up with what the industry needs. Thus, a collaboration between the educational and industrial sectors has arisen to address the issue and promote the skills necessary for the digital industry, starting with the secondary educational institutions.

          Assist. Prof. Dr. Worawit Janchai, Dean of CAMT, has stated that the Alpha Academy project aims to develop IT skills for students in secondary education through a selection of bodies of knowledge deemed to be appropriate and necessary for young people nowadays. The project focuses on the following skills – learning and innovation, information, media and technology, and life and professionalism. Currently, five programmes are being offered:
1. E-Commerce,
2. Rapid Application,
3. Web Management,
4. Embedded Software, and
5. FinTech.

         Through the creation of teaching innovation on the digital learning platform, the contents and assessments are hosted in one system to build an all-in-one educational platform. Moreover, it promotes IT and digital skill development among school students through access to the digital learning platform. The platform is comprised of the following core functions: the access right management system, the curriculum management system, the schedule management system, the exam management system and the access security system, all of which can be accessed by teachers, teaching assistants and students. Through blended learning, learners get to learn from VDO teaching materials and university lecturers who are specialists in their fields, as well as interact with teaching assistants during practical sessions. The programme contents focusing on digital technology have been tailor-made to suit the needs of the digital industry.