Visiting Scholar program for Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing Expert at Wannan Medical College, China

2 February 2024

Faculty of Nursing

The Visiting Scholar program at the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University, welcomes Mrs. Ting Yuan, specializes in obstetric and gynecological nursing and received her education at Wannan Medical College in the People's Republic of China.

Mrs. Yuan's one-year scholarly visit, from February 1, 2024, to January 31, 2025, is part of the faculty's ongoing commitment to international collaboration and research excellence in nursing. She will engage in various research activities during her stay under Associate Professor Dr. Nantaporn Sansiriphun's guidance. Dr. Nantaporn earned her bachelor's degree in nursing and Midwifery, a Master's of Maternal and Child Nursing, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Nursing (International Program) from the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University. Her extensive contributions include research, community services, and educational roles, where she teaches, supervises, and advises students across bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Her research interests span maternal and child health, family healthcare, breastfeeding, fatherhood, fear of childbirth, complications in pregnancy, and high-risk pregnancies, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Dr. Nantaporn's research has garnered recognition in national and international journals.

This program underscores Chiang Mai University's dedication to fostering global educational connections and promoting advanced learning and research in nursing.