CMU develops Drone for Checking Forest Fire Hot Spots

8 June 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Chiang Mai University’s GISTNORTH (Geo – informatics Regional Space and technology Center of Northern Thailand), Faculty of Social Sciences together with the National Defense Technology Institute, have implemented the “Fire Forest Protection and Control by Small Drone Aircraft, Checking Fire Hot Spots” project.

This project aims to monitor fire hot spots in Mae Cham District, Chiang Mai Province in coordination with the Mae Cham District’s Sheriff’s office and was funded by the National Defense Technology Institute

The prototype system will be tested during the annual burning season this coming January – April 2021 and plans are being drawn to offer training courses to the government agencies related to forest fire protection on how to use the fire hot spot detection technology.

It is anticipated that an early warning system of forest fire hot spots will help alleviate the extreme smoke pollution levels Chiang Mai experiences every dry season.