Learning in the Metaverse: CMU Now One Step Closer to Digital Transformation

27 June 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

      As the world is undergoing a major transformation in which technology is integrated into every aspect of life, CMU has also made its move by incorporating the metaverse into education, thus allowing learners to broaden their horizon through fun, engaging and effective teaching that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Now many programmes are starting to adopt the concept of the metaverse to take learning to the next level.

       Apart from metaverse integration, CMU has set up a development goal of becoming a digital university through digital transformation whereby digital technology is incorporated in every aspect of work in a university-wide interconnected system that would lead to radical improvement both in terms of learning effectiveness and organisational operation. In becoming a digital university, CMU has five specific core strategies. The first one is Organized and Ready Digital Infrastructure whereby the hardware, software, networks and information storage infrastructure are elevated. Intra- and extra utilisations are encouraged and the cyber security systems constantly maintained and updated to prevent cyber-attacks.

      The second strategy — Integrated Digital Operation and Administrations: SMART OFFICE and SMART CAMPUS, aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the supporting operations through digital technology. That is, every sector’s operation is systematically connected to ensure maximum accuracy and prompt availability.

      The third strategy, one of learning development is Digital Platforms for Learning and Human Development, which promotes intracurricular and supplementary study, as well as extracurricular activities.

     Digital platforms for Collaboration and Wisdom is the fourth strategy and in terms of research, this strategy involves cross-sector integration to increase the innovative capacity in producing innovation that responds to the trend of sustainable development on the global scale.

     Lastly, to foster an awareness of the importance of digital technology, the strategy Digitalised mindset and Digital Ready Culture focuses on cross-sector integration to maximise operational efficiency among CMU staff so that they can collaborate and come up with work innovation using technological insights.

     On the road to digital transformation, CMU is making full use of digital technology to fulfill its core missions and to drive policy and strategy implementation, while also seamlessly integrating technology into its operations, particularly in teaching and learning.