Biomedical Engineering Institute

We are a group of determined researchers from the corporations and partnerships across multiple faculties at Chiang Mai University. We are ready to produce a new generation of graduate students who will serve the community with multidisciplinary knowledge and proficiency in Biomedical Engineering.

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The origin of BMEI started from the coordination among researchers from several faculties. In fact, there are a number of high-quality researchers in various fields in Chiang Mai University related to biomedical engineerings such as Faculty of Engineering, Medicine, Science, Associated Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine. 

Furthermore, these related researchers produce many research works which are widely recognized internationally

Therefore, the purpose of the establishment of BMEI is to produce university's postgraduates who have knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects in the field of biomedical engineering and make use of the knowledge to help develop the country in this field and provide academic service to the community.

Our sample tasks include being a consultant and medical devices developer for the community and spreading the knowledge to other communities, hospitals, or medical service centers, including producing research works in biomedical engineering to increase the effectiveness in research and develop the country sustainably.