ASEAN++ Travelling 2022

18 กรกฎาคม 2565


Call for application: Now -15 July 2022 (Submit online only)  

>> Undergraduate students from all departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences (Geography, Sociology and Anthropology, Social Sciences (International program), and ASEAN Studies)
for more information and the application form please visit this link>>

The grants aim to create learning experiences outside the classroom through the journey. Faculty of Social Sciences has continued the project titled “ASEAN++ Travelling 2022” to encourage the students to improve their communication skills while they can pursue their research interest, regarding to social sciences study.

The Faculty of Social Sciences will allocate a budget for students who well organize educational activities plans in various countries according to their subjects areas as well as project’s objectives.

The duration of the project is about 1 week. After the projects have finished, students must present their learning experience during the project or Show & Share activities as the public seminar in order to share, exchange their experiences and motivate friends and junior students and to encourage them to develop their English skills.